Hardware Benchmark Requirements for Cloud Server

Greetings All!

In my quest for information, I scoured the internet extensively but came up empty-handed in my search for a comprehensive benchmark documentation comparing CPU/RAM to Gateway/nodes performance. Faced with this gap, I decided to take matters into my own hands and embark on a journey to create one. The focus of my benchmarking project will be Cloud VPS environments, and I’m excited to share my progress and findings with all of you.

I invite all of you to join me on this endeavor and contribute your valuable recommendations, suggestions, and guidance. Your insights will be instrumental in making this benchmarking project a success! :cowboy_hat_face:

Project Goals: :disguised_face:
My primary objectives for this benchmarking project are as follows:

  1. To explore and document the performance spectrum of VPS instances, ranging from 1vCPU/0.5GB to 16vCPU/64GB.
  2. To utilize Ubuntu as the host OS for consistent configuration and benchmarking.
  3. To install Docker on all VPS instances to ensure uniformity in the software environment.
  4. Use lorhammer as stress tool to hammer the online VPS and determine an estimated amount of Gateways/nodes cane handle per hardware specifications packages.

Furthermore, I plan to set up an independent VPS dedicated to Prometheus and Grafana. This separate VPS will serve as a monitoring platform.

Limitations: :sweat: :cry:
It’s important to note that this project does come with certain limitations. Specifically, the available credit provided by my cloud provider is set to expire on September 30, 2023. This means that time is ticking, and we have a finite window to conduct our experiments and gather data.

As I move forward with this ambitious project, I’ll be regularly updating you all on my progress and insights gained along the way. Your engagement and expertise are highly appreciated as we work together to create a valuable resource for our community. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them!

Let’s embark on this benchmarking journey together and collect a starting point for us or futures members of the community. :blush:

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