Help a Newbie with Sensor Out

Hello Chirpsters :wave:,

My Plea
I am very new to everything LoRaWAN, coding, scripts, programing, etc… I have stumbling and failing for several weeks but I’ve been trying to learn as best I can through documentation and forums. However, I’m at the point where I could really use some help :pray:. If anyone could take a bit of time to help me, I would be greatly appreciative!

My Build:

  • Gateway: Raspberry Pi 3B+ | Waveshare SX130x Raspberry LoRaWAN Hat | SX1303 Concentrator
  • ChirpStack Gateway OS v4.3.2 Raspberry Pi3B / 3B+ Full
  • Nodes: Heltec Wireless Stick (V3) with sound sensor at GPIO 46
  • Notification: Node Red emails me Status


  1. How do I tell my node and to register the Sensor going off as an Event
  2. How do I configure Node Red to Pick up on that event and to just email me when the event happens?

Again, I’m new at all this so you may have to break out your Crayons and explain it Kindergarten style! :rofl:

Any more info I should provide? Thank you in Advance!

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