Help on identifying best upgrade path for early v3 to latest v4


I’ve recently taken on operation of a LoRa solution that has ticked along but not been updated for around three years. This is on a CentOS 7 server. Currently the versions of software running are:

LoRa-App-Server: 3.1.0
LoRa-Server: 3.0.2
LoRa-Gateway-Bridge: 3.0.1

I would like to bring the versions of software up to the latest 4.X.X (4.0.4 at time of writing).

I can the latest v4 binaries are easy enough to download and run in place of the existing ones. I also see the v3 to v4 upgrade guide which gives a lot of useful information.

I have noticed however a requirement to the latest v3 before then moving to v4. I cannot see the latest v3 on the downloads page though. Can someone assist me in finding the v3 downloads? And once provided, advise whether from my current v3 I’m safe to just drop the latest v3 binaries in and run without any additional work?

Thanks for the help, really appreciated.


Please see v3 documentation - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation for the v3 documentation links to the Network Server and Application Server components. There you’ll find the download links for the latest v3 versions.

Thanks @brocaar for the response. Found the Chirpstack v3 downloads thanks to your link, so that’s great.

Regarding the step to v4: Your documentation covering the detail is excellent, so appreciate the work there. I notice in downloads though there is now only a single binary (chirpstack 4.0.5). Am I understanding correctly that this running consolidates the functions of the lora-app-server, lora-server, and lora-gateway-bridge that I’m used to from my original setup?

Sorry if these are novice questions. Happy to read any further documents you suggest that cover it. I just couldn’t see anything clarifying whether they were being combined, and want to ensure I am accounting for all three pieces of software.