Help with Postgresql Integration / MQTT Forwarder

Hello Everyone,

Over the last few days, I have been making steady progress. I have successfully set up Chirpstack V4, and it is functioning well. I am extracting data from a Milesight UC300 (RS485/Modbus), and with the codec in place, I am able to visualize the objects in the uplink. For this setup, my gateway is a UG63.

I’ve attempted to use the PostgreSQL integration, directing it to a separate server. Below are the modifications I made to my chirpstack.toml file. I am looking to understand if this approach is appropriate, given that the [postgresql] configuration in the config is still directed to the local server. Alternatively, would routing the data to another MQTT broker before it enters my database be a more optimal solution?

Appreciate your insights.



PostgreSQL integration configuration.





Appropriate depends on the context :slight_smile: But you can point the PostgreSQL integration to an external server instance, it doesn’t have to be a local instance.

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