Hi, I can't start my chirpstack (bind: address already in use)

I’ve installed my chirpstack time ago and it was moreless working properly, for perfomance reasons I had to reset my server and once it turned on my chirpstack didn’t work anymore.

So in summary I deleted everything including docker, the docker images and my chirpstack installation as well. Then I tried to reinstall everything but I’m getting the next message once I run the docker:

ERROR: for chirpstack-application-server Cannot start service chirpstack-application-server: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint chirpstack-docker_chirpstack-application-server_1 (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use

In my settings before I started the docket I specified to my chirpstack-application-server to use 9090:9090 port, also I’ve reinstalled several times all and I still getting this same message.

By the way I’m doing all this in CentOS.

What might I haven’t notice?


I just could fix this problem, the solution was that I had to edit both .yml files for the docker compose, in this case I had to change the port in both files:

sudo vim ~/chirpstack-docker/docker-compose-env.yml
sudo vim ~/chirpstack-docker/docker-compose.yml

But now I can’t acccess to the platform via web browser


Assuming the port numbers in your docker-compose.yml file and application server configuration file are the same, and you’re binding the container to the correct host IP, I would check any networking after this.

  • Is there a firewall running on your CentOS machine (try disabling for troubleshooting)?
  • Can you ping the container/docker-host?

Hi team.

thanks for your answers and sorry for the delay, in fact the issue was that the yml files didn’t have the same ports, so it got solved as soon as we defined the same ports for both files.