High CPU when login and creating users

Hi guys!

It’s me again…

I’ve got an issue, i am trying to use the default admin session on the gateway to log in.
But even if i spam the login button with Username at admin and Password at admin, nothing happened.

I am using the default config file and i haven’t reach the gateway on https://localhost:8080 but with https://myequipementip:8080. I have any web interface on my equipement.

Fun fact: when i try an other username, the app-server respond with a classic error answer.

ok i have find something:

When i am login as admin, the lora-app-server service is reaching more than 80% of my CPU. So it take more than 1 minute to log in. If i create a new user, with admin access or not, it take an other minute to create the user.

Is this normal?

Thanks :slight_smile:

That depends on your hardware. It looks like you are running this on e…g a Raspberry Pi or something with limited CPU power. In that case lower this value:

# The number of times passwords must be hashed. A higher number is safer as
# an attack takes more time to perform.