Hosting in Docker Containers

Hey guys,
I’m currently trying to host the Chirpstack Components in Docker Containers using Azure Container Instances. The only problem is, that every service in the official chirpstack-docker Repository uses a volume in order to load the necessary configuration file.

Is there a better solution than building every Docker Image by hand and publishing in manually into a private docker repo? I hope you understand my question ^^ i just need a quick way to deploy the ChirpStack :slight_smile:

[EDIT]: The docker-compose-env.yml-File is almost what I need, but e.g. the Postgres-DB still uses a volume for initialization!

Volumes are only needed for the services that require persistence. You could run the ChirpStack services as stateless containers as you see fit, and run Postgres and Redis elsewhere.

The problem is, that (at least the official docker implementation) the services depend on configuration files that need to be mounted from the file system!

[EDIT]: The docker-compose-env.yml almost does what I want but still uses a volume for the Postres-Initialization

What are your deployment strategies? Any experience deploying the ChirpStack to Azure?

You must use env vars. You don’t need configuration files.

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