Hosting the App Server UI in a sub site

Im trying to deliver te App server UI as sub route of an existing domain (existing ssl cert etc).
The intention is to save effort and money using existing infrastructure :slight_smile:

The result is that the Start Page is reachable, but remains empty/white. As I can see within Chrome developer tools F12, wihin HTML Code, there are absolute URL Paths to load extra content without my chosen sub route “/chirpstack”.
The Page tries to load CSS and JS from “/static/js” and not from “/chirpstack/js”, naturally this fails.
Is there an config option for telling the App Server it runs within a subroute? Or is there any other solution on this?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If the intent is to save money, you could do this with virtual hosting based on hostname (potentially virtual IPs, but not required), and the prerequisite domain names and route forwarding.

thanks for your suggestion. Second intent to save time. We are running the application in an intranet scenario, your suggestion would take some time to order and deliver by internal IT.
For now we would like to start “agile” and fast with the subsite approach. Is there no way / no solution for hosting the application server ui within a subroute of a domain, e.g.