How can I decode LoRaWAN frames in ChirpStack Gateways?

Dear all,

I am encountering some issues with LoRaWAN frames in ChirpStack Gateways. According to the result, I need to understand the pay_payload , rx_info , and tx_info construction. Additionally, if these are transmitted in a MQTT topic and the feedback is in hexadecimal format, how can I decode it?

Case in point, I try to use lora-packet of library to assist me with the decoding process. This result is not ideal. Does anyone have similar experience or other methods?

I really appreciate you.

lora-packet: lora-packet

Gateway payload formats are available in the protobuf definitions, with some additional descriptions here:

For decrypted device payloads, you will want to use an integration and have ChirpStack decrypt them for you before forwarding them on:

If you’re asking how to decrypt the device payloads yourself, this probably isn’t the best place to ask, as most people here are using ChirpStack to do that work.

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Ok! I see. Thank you, sir!