How can i use mosquitto pub a frame to a multicast group

I have create a multicast group in Lora app server, but i don’t know how to send a frame a this multicast group by mosquitto_pub command.What is a multicast group mqtt topic?Like application mqtt topic ?

This is my command send a frame to a lora node:

./mosquitto_pub -t “application/2/device/7f0d000010ffffff/tx” -m ‘{“immediately”:true,“frequency”:505300000,“confirmed”:false,“fPort”:2,“data”:“YWJjMTIzNDU2”}’

From the docs, it seems that’s not possible with MQTT, so you should use the gRPC or REST APIs to enqueue multicast messages.

Thanks for you reply,I will try it.

have you try the multicast queue?does it working?