How does LoraServer initialize the multicast frame counter for new devices?

I ask the question because I have seen a couple of time where the multicast frame count gets reset to 0 on the RN2903.

It is always in association with LoraServer sending an unexpected join “accept” downlink perhaps minutes after a successful connection. The result is communication stops.

Here is a capture of the data from the RN2903

D71E 1042:01:41.786 lora<< mac_rx 98 01C0BC1F
D71E 1042:02:09.919 lora<< mac_rx 104 0000903100F40D20
D71E 1042:02:12.919 lora<< mac_rx 104 004EA0000094
D71E 1042:02:15.935 lora<< mac_rx 104 0073F0C2005656
D71E 1042:02:17.060 lora<< D:Process Join Accept downlink msg
D71E 1042:02:17.068 lora<< D:Encoded : 201BB06CBDC83D8C8B3482067BEBD4370C
D71E 1042:02:17.099 lora<< D:Valid Join Accept Frame
D71E 1042:02:17.114 lora<< D:Msg Rcvd in Join RX2
D71E 1042:02:17.122 lora<< D:Decoded : 20C70D000000009667F50008011D4CB406
D71E 1042:02:17.138 lora<< accepted

Any help? This seems to me to be an important problem to solve.

Are you sure this is sent by LoRa Server? It only sends a join-accept in return to a Join Request. This look like a bug in your firmware.

Then, a device resetting doesn’t affect the multicast-group frame-counter.