How exactly should Network-server server* be set in UI?

Tried multiple settings, keep getting ‘context deadline exceeded’.

All my LoRaServer services are instantiated on the same platform (via docker).

try the following setting:


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loraserver:8000 … context deadline exceeded.

I should add that I am not using the docker-compose approach, but a single container within which is running the ENTIRE set of loraserver components.

Setting Network-server server* to seems to work … I am not sure why. Might be related to the docker port settings.

In case the instance is on the same host with default settings, it should be localhost:8000 (as in the help text under the field :wink: )

localhost:8000 … context deadline exceeded.

A few points here…

  • It would be helpful if the documentation provided specific clarity re: what exactly is exposed at this host:port. I’m guessing it is the host:port of the NS gRPC API interface? The UI doc is pretty thin on detail …

  • in this specific case, the NS and AS are running within the same container, with the AS web UI running on a different host. No issues accessing the AS via the web interface (its port is exposed by the container). Network-server server* set to localhost:8000, loraserver:8000, : 8000 … none of these work. Only does.

  • “context deadline exceeded” provides me no useful info other than “something is not right?”.