How important is chirpstack MQTT forwarder?

Hi, I’m a neophyte in the use of Chirpstack and LoRaWAN. I mounted a connected instrumental chain with a kerlink gateway iFemToCell-evolution, and I manage to write the data of my sensors on my computer (I started from the basic docker of Chirpstack, with postgre and redis, to which I added apache and PHP for HTTP integration). I made some changes to the Chirpstack-gateway-bridge configuration file to filter out unknown sensors, and I’m pulling the data through the cellular network. I didn’t install Chirpstack MQTT forwarder on my gateway or even touch the Mosquito MQTT configuration. However, the documentation indicates in the introduction that you must always install Chirpstack MQTT Forwarder on the gateway. What risks do I face for not installing Chirpstack MQTT forwarder and how serious can it be? Thanks for reading me.

It depends on what protocol your gateway is using to communicate and how secure it is (see below). If you’re using the MQTT Forwarder exclusively, you don’t need a cloud Gateway Bridge. I usually prefer to run the MQTT Forwarder on the gateway.

See this thread, including the final post by @brocaar: