How long does it take for gateway to be seen?


I’ve just deployed a chirpstack instance via the docker method. After some hiccups with the gateway, I’ve finally got it sending to our chirpstack server (was an odd dns issue on the RAK 7249). When doing a tcp dump on my chirpstack server I do see traffic from the IP of my gateway on port 1700. However, in the dashboard of chirpstack, my gateway still shows as “Never Seen”.

It requires a stats payload to be sent from the gateway, and an expected interval of equal or higher than the stats interval.

In a few minutes.
Should be very fast.

hmm, it’s a been a few hours and it still isn’t showing up as active. In the logs of my Rak 7249 I’m seeing data being sent and ack’d.

Mon Jun 24 21:00:39 2024 user.notice lora_pkt_fwd[15304]: # PUSH_DATA acknowledged: 100.00

However, my gateway shows as “never seen”.

When logged into my chirpstack instance, and tcpdump on port 1700 I’m seeing traffic from my gateway.

21:02:39.502194 IP > chirpstack : UDP, length 220
…>…)…`…vb.{“stat”:{“time”:“2024-06-25 04:02:39 UTC”,“lati”:,“long”:,“alti”:916,“rxnb”:6,“rxok”:3,“rxfw”:3,“ackr”:100.0,“dwnb”:0,“txnb”:0,“cpur”:0.0,“memr”:0.0, “gps”:“”, “utc”:“1719288159”}}

What stats interval have you configured the gateway for on the ChirpStack side, and how frequently is the gateway sending them?

Addtionally, I see my gateway euid and event up when doing a mosquitto_sub:

mosquitto_sub -v -t “+/gateway/#”
us915/gateway/60c5a8fffe7662ed/state/conn 60c5a8fffe7662ed

�� (*M
?’ �
us915/gateway/60c5a8fffe7662ed/event/statsˌ� =
ףp@@�i��&�[��@ (�ց�z

�� (�60c5a8fffe7662ed

Gateway stats interval is set to 30