How many devices can be connected?

Tell me if chirpstack can work with large numbers of devices. For example 5000+ devices?


It always depends on how often a device sends data - but 5000 should not be a problem. myself, i have about 12’000 devices, send data every 10 minutes. no problem at all.


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Can you share your resource experience? how much database to take? how much disk space to free, if we consider your case

About Ressources its hard to say, as i do not manage all the things by myself.

Chirpstack Server (Running Chirpstack-Application-Server and Chirpstack Network Server)

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk Space 25 GB
  • CPU 4 vCPUs from our ESX Farm (Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6248 CPU @ 2.50GHz)

I would say redis and mqtt is about the same. but the systems are not busy at all…

about the postgress database - at the moment the database is about 750MB - so also not big.

i don’t know if this really helps you, but yeah.

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Hi, one question, how many gateways you have for manage the 12000 devices??

It does not make sense to answer this question - as the devices are on different locations. so we have more then 150 locations, so more then 150 gateways :slight_smile:

so you can see, i have a lot of gateways because the distance between this locations ist to big and can’t be covered.

if you have less locations, you need less gateways i think. but there i am not really a expert, on how many devices on a gateway. for sure, its also important how often your devices send data and the size of the payload. this could in a bad case result in conflicts in the air (collisions in the frequence band)

here is a discussion / calculation about this topic

How many gateways are needed to support 1,000 nodes sending 10 bytes per 5 minutes? - Gateways - The Things Network

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Ok, thanks for you response

Hi @sil

Have you implemented chirpstack high availability?

If so, can you share your experience?

hi, yes we have implemented this with HA and have good experiences with it

Have you seen this Topic? Describes a lot of it:

If you have specific questions then i am happy to help. sharing experiences is a big question :slight_smile: and HA does not really fit in this topic (nr. of conneced devices)


I’m wondering how to connect a large number of devices. Does each device need to have its own gateway and its own application? How can I properly distribute

Please share your experience. I’m interested in how to correctly distribute devices among different applications and whether how many devices on one application affect the quality of communication or not

It depends on the device that they accept large amount of data.

it’s not limited by chirpstack software.

@brocaar do you have any specific numbers from production use of Chirpstack?
Im aware that maximum number of handled devices has many variables but still considering one average machine for it without special scaling… Would you say its around 10k, 100k or 1mil devices?