How send any message to device?

I want send string “hello” on the my device. But i don’t know how to do it in chirpstack interface. Pls help me.

through ChirpStack Application Server REST API

pls show me code example

I’m using linux curl tool to do that.
all examples are present on ChirpStack Application Server REST API web interface.

if you want to do it manually/once:
convert the string/info you want to send to base64, hello would be “aGVsbG8K”.
then open your device in chirpstack, scroll down to “Enqueue downlink payload”, set the port, and paste your base64-encoded string, then press “Enqueue payload” (on the right side)
that is all. Most devices will receive the data after the next uplink

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The string that I enqueue. Will it go only after the device reconnects? Where can I check in the interface that the string has been sent?