How to access uart /dev/ttyAMA1 from NodeRED

ChirpstackOS 4.2.0 with Rpi4b

I have successfully enabled uart2 and can send data out of the transmit pin from the command line e.g. cat /boot/config.txt > /dev/ttyAMA1.

node-red-node-serialport 2.0.2 is installed.

I can’t get serial_in or serial_out node to rx or tx anything, serial_in status is ‘not connected’;

What do I need to do?

I guess from the lack of comment that this is not something that will work with NodeRed running on ChirpstackOS? I’ve trawled though various settings files, tried editing the groups file to add ‘nodered’ or ‘node-red’ to the dialout group but no success.

For info when the serial port tries to connect the NodeRed application stalls - ‘no response from server message’ or something to that effect. We have to then edit the ‘flows.json’ file to change the port to something non existent for the application to work again (without the serial port with status showing as ‘not connected’).

Any guidance much appreciated …

Do you have a working RPi 4 with CA OS 4.2.0?
I tried to install this version on this board but without success.

I used Rpi 4b 8GB with 32GB SD Card and the full image with node red as per…
Introduction - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation
…and all works fine (apart from not being able to access uarts from within node red)

I have the same infrastructure, and it doesn’t work. Strange.
Here is why.
I tried with two RPis 4B, one with 8GB RAM and the second with 4GB.
With the same effect.

I made a project using Node-Red a few years ago. I will try to do something with Node-Red and CS this evening.

I have the same…

I’m still searching for a solution.

@brocaar any comments on this one? is it an Rpi configuration problem or does it require a new / custom image ‘build’ (or whatever the docker term is :slight_smile:) of CsOS?

Node-Red was dead, and I can’t restart it from the Open-Wrt System->Startup->node-red.
I added only one component serial input request, and it was gone.

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