How to add/change certificates and TLS keys automatically to the LoraServer architecture

Is this possible? For example, from a file.

Thanks you in advance… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if I understand your question. There are configuration files where you need to set the paths to the certificate files and there is an example repository for generating certificates.

How you then update your configuration is up to you and also depends on your environment.

I know the repository to generate certificates. I’m sorry for my English…

My question is whether it is possible to add or change certificates, for example, certificates on the network server, simply by pointing to a new file.

This way, I don’t have to modify this by hand but it is updated automatically.

How you then update your configuration is up to you and also depends on your environment.

I guess this is not possible, so thank you for the answer.

You might be interested in for example Ansible to automate this. See

Thanks! I’ll take a look at it

Hola, veo que eres español. Tengo la misma pregunta, al final has conseguido importar los certificados? Me puedes explicar como? (comandos, archivos de configuracion, etc)
Muchas gracias!!!

Please post your messages in English :slight_smile: This is an English forum.

I’m asking to @garvi, thank you :slight_smile:

Buenos días @Christian_Lopez,

No fui capaz de encontrar una forma de hacerlo, por lo que termine haciéndolo tal y como se explica en los tutoriales de brocaar.

Aún así, lo que comentó brocaar en un post anterior sobre Ansible me pareció interesante, aunque no llegue a investigar esa posibilidad :confused:

Vale, pero mi pregunta es que en los archivos .toml, hay diferentes secciones de certificados, en que seccion tengo que poner la ruta? En todos?

@Christian_Lopez @garvi please keep the discussion in English.

Ok @brocaar I’m sorry about that.

@Christian_Lopez after creating the certificates you can follow this tutorial: This explains how to fill in the certificate sections :slight_smile: