How to assign gateway profile to gateway

We have taken a docker image to run a chirpstack NS . It works fine
From what i see at startup we are using
“starting ChirpStack Application Server” version=3.10.0
“starting ChirpStack Network Server” band=EU868 net_id=000000 version=3.9.0
“starting ChirpStack Gateway Bridge” version=3.8.0
“starting ChirpStack Geolocation Server” version=3.3.1

I m able to configure gateway profile .

But when i configure gateway there is now way to select a gateway profile in the GUI ?
I miss something ?

in the gateway configuration tab for each gateway or while you adding new gateway

This is my concern… i can’t select the gateway profile in the GUI.
if i try to add a gw i have only the fields (name , description , id , network server) but no way to select a gateway profile

You can select gateway profile from GUI also clear cache of your browser

I don’t have the same GUI it is not a problem of browser or cache . Is there a parameter to configure somewhere to allow this field ?

Gateway profile it´s no longer available in chirpstack new version. It was used before to change frequency plans on the gateways. I don’t know why it doesn’t work anymore.

Guys ! it looks like there is a problem of consistency . Why is it still possible to configure a gateway profile if gateway profile is no longer available anymore in chirpstack new version ?
I confirm i can’t assign gateway profile to gateway but i m still able to provision a gateway profile object

@nbertaud which versions of the AS/NS are you using? As @sebasArboleda commented, Gateway Profiles are deprecated and will be completely removed in the newer releases. There is a note in the Gateway Profile Tab that states that they will be removed in newer releases (See attached screenshot).

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we just switch to a new docker image seems the dgateway profile is no more deprecated and i m able to assign gateway profile to gateway

Correct, it has been re-purposed a few releases ago. Support for configuring the Semtech UDP packet-forwarder has been removed from the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, but it does support configuring the ChirpStack Concentratord :slight_smile:

i download a docker image in the server i authorize 16 EU channels. I create a gateway profile and in the gateway profile i do not declare any extra channels. from what i see the devices are using all the channels and the the lora message are not filtered in the gateway all message are comming in application. How it is supposed to work ? in that configuration in understand only message with channels 0,1, 2 (standard channels) shoudl reach application ?

Are you using the ChirpStack Concentratord?

No i use only the packet forwarder on the gw side

Then there is no need to select the gateway-profile. The Gateway profile only works together with the Concentratord as the Concentratord component knows how to handle the configuration messages to update its channel-plan.