How to avoid writing to disk in Raspberry?

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Raspberry and I would like to ask for help from anyone who knows something about it.

I have ChirpStack Application, Gateway and Network Sever installed on two Raspberries (one Pi 4 and one Pi 3).

Since I installed it, I’ve been noticing an excessive use of memory written on the SD card, which is a problem for my application, since I intend to keep the service running for consecutive days, even months if possible.

At this rate, about 500MB every 3 days (I see this from the RPI Monitor), it’s impossible to maintain for that amount of time. I did tests without sending any information, just leaving it on and even then there is a very large use of memory. I suspect they are logs or metrics that I cannot control.

If anyone can help me and explain how I can reduce or even stop this massive use of the SD card, I would be very grateful.