How to build DIY nodes for LoRaServer? Firmware, EUI?

I am a researcher, and I built some sensor nodes and a “gateway” the dirtbag way: with the Radiohead library and some ESP32s.

Moving forward: it seems like I will need to build networks that are more sophisticated. I would like to use LoRaWAN, but with my budget I will still be fabricobbling my hardware together. I’m in the “don’t know what I don’t know” phase.

We have a whole team of people who handle data on the server side of things, so we have no need of TTN at all. So I’m looking at running LoRaServer, and gateway with a RAK831 and Raspberry Pi.

For the nodes though: if I made something with a SAMD21 and an RFM95, should I be running Arduino LMIC? And would it make sense to buy chips with MAC addresses on them to generate EUIs?

Thanks. . . I need to thoroughly plan this out before I can ask for money for some hardware.


…just between you and me, this is a good start…lol