How to change device uplink frequency using Downlink command?


TLDR; How do I use downlink commands in the Queue tab?

Context: I am brand new to LoRaWAN devices/sensors etc. I am using a Dragino LSN50-V2-D23 sensor, I got the device connected to the Helium network and in the events tab I see the uplink data which contains my sensor data. I now want to change the uplink frequency. The device can communicate via AT Commands or LoRaWAN Downlink Commands. I’m not too familiar on exactly how this works, what should I be typing in the Queue tab, should it be Hex, Base64 or JSON?

Other than checking timestamps on the uplinks, is there a way to figure out the uplink frequency then change this using a downlink command?

This is different per device. In most cases, the device manual has a section with the commands that can be sent back over LoRaWAN and how these should look in binary. Once you know that, you can encode this binary data into HEX or base64 and enqueue this through the web-interface.

If you have an encoder configured in your device profile, then this encoder can do the JSON → binary encoding for you. In that case you should enter the JSON that is expected by your encoder function.

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The device does use hex commands, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any commands in the docs related to uplink frequency, it only lists AT commands. The docs do have some hex commands for other stuff (device reset, change mode etc) but when I tried them the acknowledgement came back false.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I guess I’ll have to try again.