How to check connexion between gateway and loraserver

I just registered my gateway on the application server but how to check that the gateway is connected to the server ? thanks

please help, i can’t check the connexion, and if i configur the gatway

Well, normally, the last seen date is not filled when the gateway is not known. Since you have a date (which is invalid, but you have one), your gateway is probably connected. Actually, I don’t know why you have an invalid date.

Another way to validate the connection is to activate a node using this gateway.

There are multiple ways to check if you are receiving packets from your gateway:

By MQTT: You can subscribe to the gateway topic of your server to see if you get any stats:

mosquitto_sub -v -u loraserver_as -P asLookup -t "#" -h {SERVER_HOSTNAME} -p 1883

By sniffing the UDP packets: Or if you want to go even lower level, you can check if you are actually receiving the UDP packets containing the gateway stats messages. Log onto your server and use tcpdump with the correct port:

tcpdump 'port 1700' -X -vv

This is the most basic way to check if the gateway messages are getting to the server.

If you don’t see any of the gateway packets, check if your firewall has the port open at 1700.

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but this works if the lora-gateway-bridge is installed out of gateway because if you installed on each gateway the response never arrive. on mi case, but by MQTT works perfectly.

That’s true, if the gateway bridge is installed on the gateway itself, then it sniffing packets on port 1700 on the receiving server won’t work.