How to Concentratord to remote Gateway Bridge

We installed a chirpstack-gateway-os on IMST Lite GW.

According the documentation it should be possible to comunicate thru UDP (as legacy packet forwarder) as point 1 on picture below

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We did not find out how to direct concentratord to another Gateway Bridge on a cloud VM on file global.toml

Did we missed something?

In order to run gateways with bridge need to focus on 2 configuration files.

  1. global_conf.json.
  2. bridge-configuration.toml

need to follow below configuration with global_conf.json file.

"gateway_conf": {
    "server_address": "",     // It should be same with "udp_bind" of .toml file of bridge.
    "serv_port_up": 1700,
    "serv_port_down": 1700,

need to add below configuration with bridge-configuration.toml

udp_bind = “”


Lalit Shah

@lalitshah thank you for your help. The deal is that on chirpstack-gayeway-os I don’t see any global_conf.json, I searched everywhere, I wanted to change here in my first try.

The Concentratord uses a local socket to communicate with the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, thus both should run on the same machine (and then the Gateway Bridge can communicate with an external MQTT broker).