How to Config a network server to support multiple regional bands concurrently

I want find a solution to setup a network server to support multiple regional regional bands concurrently in one computer server. The Keyword “name” in section “[]” in network server configure file support to config only one regional band. For example, I need to run AS923, KR920 and IN865 at the same time, but I only have one computer server, is there a solution to realize it?

Multiple Network servers with similar (but not same) bands and single Application server - Setup and configuration - ChirpStack Community Forum

You can only support one region at a time in the network server. However, you can run many network servers attached to the same (or multiple) application servers. If you’re using the containerized versions, you can easily run as many network servers on the same host as you want.

Just remember to separate the MQTT topics so you don’t get overlapping traffic between NSes.