How to config concentratord sx1302 for Raspberry Pi 3 on Openwrt

I’m building a Lorawan gateway on a Raspberry Pi 3 on Openwrt. How to configure Semtech sx1302 online. My shield model’s only option is RAK-RAK2287. As for Channel-plan, what should I choose?
Hope you can help me. thank you

You should configure this under Chirpstack > Concentratord. There you can select the Chipset (SX1302) and under the related tab, you can configure the RAK2287 shield. The channel-plan should be related to your region and to the shield model (e.g. EU433 and EU868 are different in hardware).

After concentratord is configured, will the gateway id appear?
i am building on openwrt

Correct, after a the concentrator shield has been configured correctly, the Gateway ID should appear in the footer.

Can you help me which packages i need to select in menuconfig?
Thank you