How to configure chirpstack server to send and receive data from arduino atmega using lps8 draguino

Hi everyone,
so this is my first time with chirpstack i have this project i need to send and receive data from my arduino using dragino lps8.

but when i create application it give me this status and i don’t know why

can anyone help me please !!!

I don’t know this hardware but there’s a tutorial using TTN. Is that what you followed? If not, might be helpful to watch it first.

“Last seen at: never” means sensor never joined. What does “Lorawan frames” tab say when your cycle power to sensor? If nothing appears there, you’ve likely got hardware problems or basic config to do with arduino.

Search the web for tutorials to do with your specific hardware.

P.S. LoRaWAN gets a bad rap for being VERY hard to get working, so heed the advice in last paragraph of this post - I’ve found his words so true, let me quote relevant part here:

For everyone starting with LoRaWAN device development, I also strongly recommend testing first with a commercial network (and The Things Network is a commercial network in this sense); a network administered by experts who are responsible for the success of the network. After you’ve confirmed that your device works properly, either with a known-good network or a known-good network simulator, you can then start learning how to run your own network. ChirpStack is a fine product, but it requires that you become a network administrator. (my emphasis)

However, if you’re stuck with that hardware, search for and follow exactly at least two-three tutorials using that specific hardware - get it working that way. Only then go off and ‘explore’ the unknown.

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