How to configure the loraserver using Cayenne IoT?

I’m trying to configure loraserver using Cayenne IoT.
I have a problem that I couldn’t see any data on the Cayenne IoT.
What should I do if I want to use the Cayenne IoT?

Thanks you

Well, don’t you have your data ? The x,y,z value of your accelerometer in the “object” field ?

The string in the “data” field is your data encoded in base 64 with cayenne LPP codec on it.

I forgot the gateway in the office.
I will check tomorror.
Do you have a example data?

But you have one perfect example in your hand. What is your node ?

My node is a rak811 tracker board.

So you expect a localisation not only an acceleration.

Your issue is node-sided. The acceleration data perfectly sent and decoded. I think you just don’t send the localisation data. If there was an error in the codec configuration you would have an error.

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Thank you for your advice.

Somehow I have a feeling that initial question was how to integrate data from loraserver into Cayenne.mydevices?
Apologies if that’s not the case, because this is what I am trying to do now…

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Is your problem solved?

it has been 7 months, did you successfully integrated your loraserver to Cayenne.mydevices?

An “official” integration will hopefully be released soon :slight_smile:


thanks Brocaar, I’ve been searching for it for days. I was thinking to make my own Cayenne-like website.

A billion thanks for the Cayenne Integration. I have integrated my device to Cayenne Dashboard :slight_smile: . I was not expecting the cayenne integration to be present, like I was migrating the Chirpstack Server to an AWS Instance and while configuring the Application Integration, I found a Cayenne Integration!!! I love it! Thanks.


Hello Guys,

I am facing some issues to integrate Cayenne into my Chirpstack,

  1. I’ve a gateway configured on AS923; Working Well, receiving data from different type of nodes, visible decoded with the right codec and so on…

  2. I would like to see data coming from my Adeunis FTD (FIELD TEST DEVICE) - AS923 - CLASS A

  3. I’ve created an account in Cayenne and I’ve found this Adeunis device, and the only detail that it is asked is the DevEui.

  4. In Christack server, in Application --> integration, I’ve created this “MyDevice” with following choice from the drop down menu:
    IoT in The Box
    Custom endpoint URL

I’ve selected: “Cayenne” cause I don’t know the others.
It is a correct choice for for what I need ?
Am I supposed to enter somewhere the Cayenne Process ID ?

  1. I’ve created the necessary device profile for this Adeunis device
  • LoRaWan MAC 1.0.2
  • Regional Parameter: A
  • Max EIRP: 16
  • Codec tab: Cayenne LPP

5.1) Shall I’ve to create a custom Codec specifically for this particular device and for Cayenne ? or
Shall just select Cayenne LPP, and then Cayenne will recognize automatically cause the device is known and specified previously.
5.2) I’ve noticed that when Cayenne LPP codec is selected, I can see error messages in DEVICE DATA:

  1. integration variable : By comparison I’ve seen that when You want to integrate Cayenne in TTN, You should specify the “Process ID”, and access key for Downlink.

It look like something is missing somewhere ? a token, a key or security setting somewhere ?
Otherwise it mean that anyone who know the DevEui of the device can see data via Cayenne…

Many Thanks for Your Help !


I doubt that the field tester is compatible with the CayenneLpp codec, so I’m using custom js-codec for Adeunis FT

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Thanks @eugenev,
in Addition I’ve a js codec too that worked for me between TTN and Ubidots for example,
Now, Sould I’ve to make a specific JS codec to let integrate, and transfer data from Adeunis FDT to Cayenne properly ?
At this stage, whatever the codec that I am using, nothing appear in Cayenne… :frowning:
How Your Adeunis has been integrated ? Have You filled somewhere in Chirpstack the “Process ID” or any type of token ?
So far, The only thing in Cayenne that is asked is the DevEui that’s it…

Many Thanks !


I’m using my own web-application which based on leaflet and openstreet maps. google maps was before. with custom js codec at the chirpstack side.

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Thanks @eugenev

Hi @brocaar, Do You have any advice or tuto to follow to let this cayenne integration succesful ?

Many Thanks