How to connect EBYTE gateway to Chirpstack server?

I am trying to connect EBYTE E870-L868LG12 (based on SX1302) to Chirpstack server, using Chirpstack Gateway OS for Raspberry Pi 3. But on the page Concentratord in fall-down menu “Shield model” I don’t see this gateway.
How can I connect EBYTE E870-L868LG12 to Chirpstack server? Can I choose another shield in that menu?

I believe the EBYTE E870-L868LG12 gateway is a stand-alone gateway. The page where you select the shield model is for the Concentratord configuration, e.g. to turn a Raspberry Pi into a LoRa gateway.

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Yes, thank you!
I used Docker and this container: Docker - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation and I was successful.
Chirpstack works with EBYTE E870-L868LG12, it is true.