How to connect gateway-os-base to Gateway Bridge on different server

I installed gateway-os-base on RPi with iC880A shield. I also installed Gateway-Bridge with network and application-server on different server. They both are at the same subnet. I want to define gateway-bridge IP and ports in gateway-os but through gateway-config i couldn’t find anything. In which file and how should I define gateway-bridge?

The ChirpStack Gateway OS uses Concentratord, which should run on the same machine / device as the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge. What you probably want to do is update the Gateway Bridge configuration so that it connects to a different MQTT broker.

In the gateway-config command, there is an option to update the Gateway Bridge config. Or else you can manually edit it, the location is /etc/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml.

Hi, I’m having the same trouble that mbayat.

I have Gateway OS Base (raspberry+RAK2245) and I want to connect it to a server (chirpstack) on a different machine of the same network. I want to do that communication over TCP/IP, should I install something like “Semtech UDP packet forwarder” or if I just configure the MQTT broker ( chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml) the communication is over TCP/IP?


I think I gave the answer already in my previous response :wink: The only think you need to do is configure the MQTT broker to which the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge connects.