How to connect my gateway to Chirpstack Server using Basicstation and Chirpstack Gateway Bridge

Hi all,

I can connect my gateway to my localhost Chirpstack server using chirpstack gateway bridge and lora_packet_frwd. i also can connect to ttn server using lora_packet_frwd or basicstation.

But i do not know how to configure Basicstation files and chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml to connect my localhost Chirpstack server.

I use this files to connect to ttn using basicstation.
Screenshot from 2022-02-28 11-57-31

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Please see the backend section in the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge config (.toml):

# Gateway backend configuration.

# Backend type.
# Valid options are:
#   * semtech_udp
#   * concentratord
#   * basic_station

Also see the [backend.basic_station] config section for configuration that applies to the Basics Station backend.

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I actually tried with modify type “basic_station” before make this post but i failed.

I guess, i shold modify files related basicstation because if i do not change anything this file, gateway connect to ttn as before. How to declare localhost ip address? And do i need any files for basicstation backend other than i use ?

I do not know what i need to change and how i change here ca_cert, tls_cert and tls_key ?

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That is because you need to update your gateway to connect to the (Basics Station backend of the) ChirpStack Gateway Bridge :slight_smile: