How to decode raw PHYPayload and / or decrypt FRMPayload

Hi brocaar i am using SSCOM to pass the value 10 to the server.

On the loraserver side i am getting the Data in the frame payload as Ag==


For decryption we are using online tool for testing perspective.But we do not get the actual data i.e 10.Our ntework session key is 2b7e151628aed2a6abf7158809cf4f3c.

Please see for accessing the decrypted application payloads.

When you want to decode & decrypt a LoRaWAN PHYPayload yourself, please see:

For just decrypting the FRMPayload, please see:

Actually we have our application in java. We are not familiar with Go.

Hello Vikhyat,

I have the same issue as well. Did you solve your problem? If it is yes, Could you please help me?


Hi Zafer i’m extremely sorry for the late reply…Here’s what you have to do. I hava attached a file with all the steps

Let me know if you get any further issues.

The first link for accessing the decrypted application payload is not valid. Could you please shed some light on the same.

Please find all examples here:

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