How to disable an access to the Application Server by web GUI


Is there any way to disable access to the application server via the web gui that is accessible via https://localhost:8080 ?

I know that there is a password protection to get the access, but I’d like to deactivate this GUI completely, however, keeping port 8080 open to accessing the server via API.


I am not aware of way to do this via configuration. I would use an application-level firewall and filter everything that wasn’t prefixed by /api.

Of course, anything that can be done via the UI can be done via the API, but it would take a little more work on someone’s part to stand up the UI somewhere else.

While bconway’s suggestion seems the most straight forward to me, you could also build the from source code, after removing all React/GUI parts. A docker build may be the easiest way to do this as all the tooling is taken care of for you.
One caveat; you’ll have to be willing to debug a failing build service.

Do you want to be able to only access the UI from localhost? In that case you could change the bind="" setting in the .toml configuration file to bind="". In that case the UI and API will only be locally accessible.