How to disable mac commands?


I’m receiving a mac-command after every uplink message.
I use the lmic library and mac-commands are not tested and probably not handled correctly. Does somebody know how to disable these mac-commands?
I found a hint to set disable_mac_commands=true in loraserver.toml, but this does not work.

loraserver log:
INFO[0249] adr request added to mac-command queue dev_eui=00f2796b7fec3add dr=5 nb_trans=1 req_dr=0 req_nb_trans=1 req_tx_power_idx=0 tx_power=0
INFO[0249] pending mac-command block set cid=NewChannelReq commands=3 dev_eui=00f2796b7fec3add


i’m using android lmic - and my config is lorawan mac version 1.0.1. This gives me the least trouble with unwanted up packages my nodes dont understand. hope that helps

disable_mac_commands=true will indeed disable all mac-commands. Please note that you must restart the network-server after making modifications.


I found that the disable_mac_commands=true, must be in the right chapter to take effect.