How to display logs of HTTP integration on ubuntu

I created http integration in PHP. my PHP application have no errors executing the url,but the integration or the PHP is not running. How do look at PHP logs or debug HTTP integration in general

Providing you with PHP support would be a bit out of scope, but in general you will find PHP logs in your HTTP server logs.

How to access the ChirpStack logs depends on how you have deployed ChirpStack. E.g. if you are using systemd, then this might be the command journalctl -f -n 100 -u chirpstack.

I have integration via HTTP and chirpstack installed on Ubuntu and a virtual machine. At first glance it works fine, but with 14 sensors with an hourly interval, every day between 1 and 5 data packets do not arrive from Chirpstack to my application. The packets that do not reach my application in the “LoRaWAN frames” are visible and contain the correct payload.
Looking at the logs:

journalctl -n 1000 -u chirpstack

There are messages everywhere in the right places:

" INFO chirpstack::integration::http: Posting event event=up url=https://…".

But on the application side, it looks like Chirpstack is not attempting to send these packets at all at any given hour.
I’ve also installed Tshark to track network traffic and it, too, doesn’t see any traffic at the time when packets should be sent but aren’t reaching my app. So Tshark is indicating as if Chirpstack is not making any attempt to send.
Where and how can I see the logs for integration and packet sending information?
I want to see if Chirpstack is actually not attempting to send.
By giving the command:

journalctl -n 100 -u lora-app-server

I get the response:

– Logs begin at Sat 2023-10-28 23:48:01 UTC, end at Fri 2023-12-08 11:51:11 UTC. –
– No entries –

Thanks in advance for your help

The HTTP integration logs should be prefixed with chirpstack::integration::http in the chirpstack logs.

journalctl -n 100 -u lora-app-server

From the ChirpStack side, there is no service called lora-app-server

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