How to enable web interface in chirpstack 3.6.0

Hi all.
I successfully installed Chirpstack Full Os 3.6.0 on a Raspberry PI 3.
I’m reading all the documentation but I don’t happen to find the web interface.
Where shall I “enable” the web interface of chirpstack?

I’ve also checked this post, but with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

By default ChirpStack runs on port 8080, thus it would be http://IP-OF-RASPBERRY-PI:8080.

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If you’re installing from scratch, make sure you also install chirpstack (for instance, on the Rpi or Ubuntu) you need to run “sudo apt install chirpstack”. That’s what I’ve discovered when I looked for open/listening ports and couldn’t find anything listing on 8080.

I hope this helps…

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