How to extract sessions key from chirpstack server?


i want to migrate few devices from chirpstack server to a diffrent LNS server, for that i want to extract sessions keys from the chirpstack server.

So how can this be done?

With v4, you can extract it from the backup file of Redis (.rdb).

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Or you could use the API to retrieve the session-keys and frame-counters :slight_smile:



When it is about session keys, I’m always thinking “disaster recovery” :rofl:

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i already tried doing that, but its showing me the error.
So the situation over here is that i am using a third party web application which uses chirpstack server (V3) and i think i dont have access to those keys, when i asked for the keys to my platform provider, they were asking for the brutal amount of money.

Unfortunatly, this is a common bad practice of many LNS service providers who think that retaining this kind of information will help them to keep their customers…

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That’s pretty lame. Do you have access to the ChirpStack REST API directly? If so, what error do you get from

(v3) GET /api/devices/{dev_eui}/keys ?

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Hi i am getting the below msg,

2/22/2023, 11:37:04 AMnode: debug 12msg.payload : Object


timestamp: “2023-02-22T10:37:04.443+0000”

status: 404

error: “Not Found”

message: “No message available”

path: “/api/devices/31323738ff042403/keys”