How to get downlink communication?

I mean that I have successfully enabled the gateway to transmit the uplink to the network server. Next, I want to receive some downlink. Can anyone provide a detailed tutorial?

My question is very intuitive.

When I view Live LoRaWAN frames in the chirpstack console, I can only see the data of uplink, but never the data of downlink. Therefore, I ask how to generate the data of downlink that can be viewed here.

In other words, under normal circumstances,whether uplink and downlink must appear at the same time? if so, I must have something wrong here.

Hi @haowong,

You should see unconfirmed data down in that same window if chirpstack is responding. Can you check the logs in the network server and see if there are any errors?

If you want to generate a downlink to confirm it works, you could send configuration down via the enqueue downlink on the device’s page

In fact, I am using an unregistered device to upload uplink information through the gateway connected to the chirpstack, and the network server has received it correctly.

After thinking these days, I found that if the device is not registered, it seems that it can not send downlink devices to it.

Is my understanding correct? Or, as long as the gateway connection is successful, it doesn’t matter whether the device is registered or not?

By the way, if you don’t register device, you can’t send downlink messages. Why can the network server receive the uplink messages from unregistered devices?

I’m not familiar with any way to receive uplinks from unregistered devices. In your screenshot, it looks like the device has a dev addr 1350200c - can you confirm you don’t have any devices registered?

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Yes, I didn’t register the device I’m using in the application through ABP or OTAA.

Before I connect the gateway to the chipstack, this is the address that the device transmits to the gateway, so I don’t think the address has anything to do with the chirpstack.


It seemed I can answer this question.
LoRa GW is just one relay, it did not care if one device is registered or not, will always forward the message to NS if CRC is ok. So you can see one unregisted device’s uplink message. But if one device is not registered (or KEY is wrong), NS will drop the message, and NS will never send downlink message to such device. So if you want to send downling message, you have to register the device.

Hope this can help you.

Tom yang

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