How to get the EUI for the gateway?

I’ve moved to the chirpstack gateway os (from docker) after getting a sx1302 hat and can find ZERO info on how to get the eui for the gateway so I can set it up in chirpstack. I know theres a git repo you can use to find that info but the chirpstack os lacks the option to install any additional packages.
I’d really like to not have to reflash the sd card twice just to be able find such basic info.

Never mind, the “Gateway ID” shown at the bottom of the OS GUI is the dev eui. Would be nice if that was mentioned anywhere in the “Getting Started” documentation.

Normally, the gateway would have the EUI printed on its body or on its box.

If not, then some knowledge of the concentrator chip can help.

If you have a SX1301, there is no EUI burned into it. The reference Semtech IoT Starter Kit would use the MAC address of the RPi, turning it into an EUI-64.

If you have a SX1302 or 1303, there is an EUI that can be extracted for use. I suppose this should be printed on it. If not, then the gateway software should be able to indicate it in some way

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