How to get the metadata 'txpower'?

When I subscribe to the MQTT topic of the gateway or device, the JSON messages only contain Spreading factor, bandwidth, and data rate, but there is no transmission power of the device at this time.

If we don’t use MQTT, what kind of integration should we use? I think the power can be obtained for sure because there is this item in the ADR algorithm part of the network server. If the current power of the device cannot be obtained, how to calculate the new decreased power designed for the next transmit?

Hi @haowong,

If you use a HTTP integration you have the values of rssi and snr.

With MQTT subscription you are watching the message BEFORE the Network Server, but with the integration you can see it AFTER Network Server and then it is accesible.

I understand your last sentence.

But for your previous sentence, I don’t need RSSI or SNR, because there are these values in MQTT. What I need is the power of the device. Do you mean HTTP integration can get it?


Sorry, I confused your transmission power term.

If I’m not wrong the TX power is not transmitted in every Uplink, the same as DR, as it is a fix parameter set on the device while ADR doesn’t change it, and as principle is not worthwhile to send fix parameters continuously.


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That’s right, what I meant is that these two parameters are not being sent continuously in Uplinks.