How To Host Chirpstack on a subdomain such as "" using Ansible

Hello, I have successfully setup chirpstack on my domain. However, I want to host my home page on my domain and host chirpstack on a subdomain like “” inorder to prevent access to the application ui from my end users.
My end goal is to link all the features I want from chirpstack application server to my own private web applications.

I have tried changing adding the subdomain “” in the group_vars/single_server.yml file, however letsencrypt doesn’t seem to generate certificates for this domains.

this is not subdomain, this is path. subdomain must be look like this

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Sorry my bad. I already have the subdomain “” and chirpstack works fine whenever I access from that subdomain. However I want to move chirpstack to a path as I want to host my products home page on our subdomain “

bind the app server to another port instead of 8080 and use nginx f.e.

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Thanks, nginx f.e.?

Also do you mind throwing light on where I can find the configuration files to make amendments like I said I used ansible to setup my remote instance from my local pc

I mean “for example”

here, of course:

Oo great. I understand there is an nginx server gets setup while using the ansible playbook (

I want to confirm if this is the right file to edit, for the question which I put up initially, before I start making changes to it.