How to improve singal range


my lorawan gateway is one the second floor of my building. The building is made of cement and the lorawan has a antenna. But the range is about 100m how would I be able to extend my range?

Is there a why to improve the range by changing my setup on chirpstack? Our is it a hardware problem?

Please help

  1. hardware (antenna gain, gw tansmit power etc.)
  2. gw location (height, environment conditions etc.)
  3. endnodes location
  4. building construction materials
  5. regional rf-power restrictions
    all this points and many others can affect to distance of service range…

Will it work if I find a way to change the sf from sf7 to sf12.
Would it not increase the range?
If it will how do i change it?

this is endnode side. if you can fix the SF from it, possible you can extend the service range, a little, but you need to check that by yourself, in your current conditions.

“Antenna” means very little unless it’s made by a vendor with solid reputation. If yours is NOT, see Tutorial 33 which explains how to measure antenna performance for less than $200. In addition to N1201SA, you also need 3 calibration tips, explained here.