How to install Thingsboard along with LoraServer without Docker install of chirpstack

I have Installed Lora-Network-Server, Lora-Gateway-Bridge, Lora-App-Server, Mosquitto on Ubuntu Server. I want to install Thingsboard CE along with it but it won’t install because Mosquitto is using port 1883 and Thingsboard Uses it too. I tried to change the Port but it didn’t work. Can someone please help me?

Hi, I ended up changing HTTP, RPC and MQTT bind ports in thingsboard.yml.

I have installed the ThingsBoard for testing and did not really use it yet, but it is running.

And this may help on Ubuntu too:
cat /var/log/thingsboard/thingsboard.log | grep ERROR

chirpstack server and thingsboard platform by default use same http port 8080

Try at thingsboard sudo nano /etc/thingsboard/conf/thingsboard.yaml and change port from 8080 to …other port , lat’s say 8088

After that save and restart thingsboard
sudo service thingsboard.service restart
Wait untill thingsboard is restart and try http://localhost:8088 and should work

Good luck!