How to know that my downlink message was sent?


How can I be sure that my downlink message was sent?

When I’m sending message with MQTT - i have no any response, when I’m adding my message to the queue with http api - I have a response with frCnt.

In mqtt-topics gateway/+/ack, gateway/+/tx we have field “token”, maybe there is a way to get this token when the message is enqueued?

The only way to know that the downlink message has been sent succesfully to the device is when it has been received by the device. E.g. you could set the confirmed: true flag, in which case the device will send an acknowledgement on the next uplink.

To find out if the messate has been sent, you could use the fCnt value and read the device-queue to find if that fCnt value is still in the quuee.