How to know the status of the gateway on the ChirpStack side on the ThingsBoard side


I am trying to make a thingsboard Professional Edition integration.

I am able to handle the data of the device in ThingsBoard by using the API key of ChirpStack.

Is it possible to know the status of the Gateway connected to ChirpStack on the ThingsBoard side in the same way as devices?

I would like to do gateway dead/alive monitoring on the ThingsBoard side.

Thank you.

Hi Takado!

As far as my experience tells me, you can connect even devices or gateways to both Chirpstack or Thingsboard server…

I see you managed well with the integration of your devices, so try connecting your gateway to Thingsboard too. First of all create a device in Thingsboard with proper keys and values, and mark the option “IS GATEWAY”.

Then, the rest of the integration should be the same to me…

Hope to help you,


Hi, NicolasUy san

Thanks for the advice.
I have just started using Thingsboard and my understanding is not good enough.

The integration I am currently doing is below.

Connecting LoRaWAN device and LoRaWAN Gateway to ChirpStack.
Select ChirpStack from “Integrations” in ThingsBoard and get the HTTP Endpoint URL.
Set it to “HTTP Endpoint URL” of ThingsBoard in “Integrations” of ChirpStack.

Publish the API key from “tenant” of ChirpStack and set it to the Application Server API Token of the ThingsBoard Integration.

If you do this, when there is an Uplink from a LoRaWAN Device, the LoRaWAN Device will automatically appear in the Device of the ThingsBoard.
I do not configure the Device on the ThingsBoard side, but the device appears.

I added a new Device to ThingsBoard and checked “IS GATEWAY”, but after that, I don’t know how to link it with ChirpStack.

I’m sorry I don’t understand at all.

Thank you.

LoRaWAN gateway and ThingsBoard gateway does not need to link with each other.

You only need to link LoRaWAN device in ChirpStack and ThingsBoard.


I understand that there is no need to link the LoRaWAN gateway of ChirpStack with the gateway of Thingsboard.

My purpose is, I would like to inform the connection status of the LoRaWAN gateway for Thingsboard users who do not have access to ChirpStack.

Is there any way to do this?

You may need to do the coding yourself.