How to move sensor data to chirpstack-docker from general chirpstack

We are trying to move sensors data from generally installed chirpstack to newly created chirptack-docker. How can we move this data without loss of data?

You need to backup the PostgreSQL and Redis databases from your “generally installed” ChirpStack instance, and restore these into the new ChirpStack environment.

Can you please explain me about how we can backup the PostgresSQL and Redis database and how we can import to chirpstack-docker?. If you provide any examples, then its better to understand.

Hi @Ganesh_SR

Please follow below forum post.

Step by step CS databases backup and restore - Setup and configuration - ChirpStack Community Forum

Can you please let us know where postgresql data is stored ? (default location)

This depends on your OS (you didn’t specify) and how you installed postgresq (in your case docker). Note this forum posting on same topic is 12 years old - how did you miss it?

By following this step will my already configured sensors data and connection gets lost?