How to persist the live LoRaWAN frame logs in file or database

In previous versions of the LoRaServer the log for each node was persisted on a database, so anytime when I wanted to know the history of some node I just needed to look at the logs. For this last version i just can see the logs while the browser is opened.

My questions are:

  1. There is a way to save all logs for future reports?
  2. Why was the previous approach not used? Save the logs impact the performance of the LoraServer?


The purpose of the live frame logging is debugging, not to persist data. For that you could create your own MQTT client and subscribe to the gateway topic(s).

The issue with the old approach was:

  • People started to use this as an integration
  • You needed to refresh to see new frames
  • It was creating a significant overhead for networks with many devices as each frame was persisted (as it was all or nothing)

In the current approach everything happens in-memory and a subscription (to the Redis pub/sub channel) is created as soon as you open the view in the web-interface, so the overhead is minimized.

So again: this is for debugging only and should not be used for persisting data.

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This makes sense. Thanks for the answer @brocaar.

Hello, I am also interested in persisting uplink and downlink frames. MQTT works great for uplinks, however subscribing to /tx does not give me all the frames sent to gateways. E.g. when I use swagger UI to schedule a message, I don’t get it. Would you recommend subscribing to the topics of the bridge?