How to register multiple network servers on one application server?


I want to register and use multiple network servers in one application server.

However, after registering one network server, attempts to register more were not possible due to the message “context deadline exceeded (code: 2).”

I don’t know if this is conceptually impossible because I am not familiar with LoRaWAN standards.

I want to know if it is conceptually possible to register and use multiple network servers in one application server.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Yes, you can create as many networks servers as you need linked to one application server.

I suggest you to create first your network servers with the right configuration for each one and then add them into the app server.



I don’t understand the right configuration.

Are there any settings files or documents that I can refer to to to configure multiple network servers?

Official documents do not explain these methods, making it difficult.

Can you provide me with the resources to refer to how and which .toml files are organized?

Thank you.


You must create and start different instances of network server, each one with a different .toml config file, to connect properly with the same Application Server.

I would also do different gateway bridges to link one gateway bridge with one network server.

For MQTT broker, you can use just one with different topics for each pair of network server and gateway bridge, or different MQTT brokers, as you prefer.

I hope this help.



Thanks to this, I succeeded in adding multiple network servers.

It turns out that a complete network server must have been created to be added.

Thank you very much


Did you installed the second network server on the same machine or on separate machine?

Is it at all possible to run multiple network servers on the same machine?
If yes how i can do that ?

You can configure multiple devices using VMware or use Docker.

I checked it by running it on several machines, but it seems to work if I split it into a virtual machine.

Ok thanks for your reply!

Can you share your config file?
I have require the same but I could not add new network server (Server have been created). I don’t know why.

same here… waiting for the config guide…