How to retrieve PlainFineTimestamp / iBTS

Hi All,

I have some Kerlink iBTs connected successfully on the Chirstack LoRaWAN network.
These gateways have the FineTimestamp capability, and I have already been able to log on the gateway itself the PlainFineTimestamp.
Some of my previous topics giving more details are
here : Gateway compatibility
here : Supported gateways? <= how to log decrypted finetimestamp on iBTS

According to, (line 213) there is a PlainFineTimestamp data value that I whant to get on the mqtt messages, but up to now, I am unable to get it.

I wonder if :

  • it is possiblet to get it somewhere in the messages ?
  • this message is only set to LoRaCloud ?

Note that AES keys and FPGA id values are provided when the gateway is created.


Nop Microwave.