How to save device abp activation forever

my device activation will lost after one month, i find that the deivice activation redis key will expire about one month, but i dont set any expire config( like that device_session_ttl), how to resolve it and this is why, i feel so confused , thanks

If you don’t set it, it will fallback to the default value of one month.

this is my setting

well, i dont want to lose the activation and save it forever, how to set it(or its activation must out of date for a fixed date)? thanks for your reply, brocaar:grinning:.

if i active the device and send the device heart to my server within device_session_ttl, the activation will always exist, please reply my two question, thanks brocaar. :grinning:

AFAIK yes, if the device sends a message within device_session_ttl, it will stay activated.

thanks , i try that, it will reset the device_session_ttl :smiley: